Lingerie modeling is a traditional form where models only wear underwear and bra or other sexy and lacy garments. Therefore, this type of modeling is included under ‘glamor modeling.’ Lingerie modeling requires much better body tone and proportions than other areas of modeling. This type of modeling exposes the beauty of the models to the maximum and increases their charms. Models engaged in lingerie modeling come in many shapes, heights, sizes, and colors, and they can be small, large, tall, or thin models.

Lingerie modeling is ubiquitous in fashion shows, catalogs, photo books, websites, and calendars. Today, lingerie modeling is more widely practiced as an adult entertainment event than an informational event. Many sports agencies in the United States organize such modeling events during happy hours. These lingerie modeling shows offer couples the opportunity to watch together, which is a good opportunity to get to know the likes and preferences of others.

There is always a high demand for models who do lingerie modeling. Today, more and more adults and children are involved in this industry. Although the lingerie modeling industry wants models of almost all nationalities, black, Latin, and Asian models have higher demands. Regardless of race or age, the model must maintain a good body tone, with an active lifestyle with exercise and a balanced diet.

If you want to become a lingerie model, you can work independently and with an organization/modeling agency. If you decide to work as a freelance model, you must follow assignments and non-exclusive contracts with your capabilities. You need to create a good portfolio of photos that show your personality and past projects. If you sign a contract with a modeling agency, they are responsible for exposing you to the world. American cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Miami offer young models a bright future for modeling lingerie.

Lingerie modeling fee may vary with a modeling agency, show type, and model rating, and it is often double the normal modeling rates. The pay is usually over $100 per hour, going up to thousands when the show is for major print ads and campaigns.